Onyeama says German president visit to Nigeria vital in fight against terrorism

Nigeria — Nigerian Foreign Minister, Geoffrey Onyeama, says Nigeria expects to hopefully sign a number of agreements with the German Government to diversify the economy.


Geoffrey Onyeama: It is a global challenge

Talking to DW correspondent, Adrian Kriesch, on Monday in Lagos, Onyeama said “We expect to hopefully sign a number of agreements, maybe trade agreements. And we want to identify areas in which Germany can provide some technical assistance as well”.

German President, Joachim Gauck, is on a four-day visit to Nigeria with talks on closer business ties and the fight against terrorism likely to top his agenda.

“We also expect him to meet various Nigerian economic institutions like the Chambers of Commerce and others. We believe that we have to diversify our economy away from oil. We have been too reliant on the oil sector. And now with the price of oil being so low, it could be a great opportunity to diversify and focus on other economic sectors. For this, Germany can offer a lot of skills in many different areas. As we also want to industrialize, Germany can support us in a technical capacity. So we want Mr Gauck and his business delegation to engage with representatives from the Nigerian business, trade and agricultural sectors,” he noted.

Onyeama said the visit would also play an important role in the fight against terrorism.


“It is a global challenge. As you know, we have a number of challenges in the north east of Nigeria. Germany has been very supportive of us so far. We hope to discuss common strategies that we feel will help with the security challenges that we face and the global security challenges,” he said, adding that it is a question of sitting down and identifying areas where there could be some input from Germany.

He however noted that it is for Germany to decide whether it has the resources to address those particular challenges but that Nigeria cannot really complain.


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