October 27, 2021

Africell Sierra Leone sponsors first Music Festival in Sierra Leone

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Sierra Leone — Freetown Uncut in collaboration with the National Tourist Board has announced the First ever Music Festival to be held at the Lumley Beach Road in Freetown on 23rd and 24th April 2016.

(L-R) Edmond Nonie, Yassim Kargbo and John Konteh

The Music Festival will bring people together to celebrate Sierra Leone’s resilience in the aftermath of the Ebola outbreak. Following months of negative headlines, Sierra Leone musicians will demonstrate the wealth of musical talent in the country to the backdrop of the country’s beautiful beaches.

With key sponsors like Africell, Sierra Leone Bottling Company and Sierra Leone Brewery, the event, according to the Coordinator Edmond Nonie, will showcase the best live music in the country.

“From R & B and hip hop to gospel and traditional, the Festival will demonstrate the breath of musical talent in Sierra Leone,” he said, adding that the Freetown ‘Musicfest’ will have two main stages on Lumley Beach Road, both will be free to attend, with the objective of making it open to everyone in the country.

Speaking on behalf of Africell, John Konteh said the company will ensure that the airwaves are permeated and saturated with information about the festival through AIRadio and their partner community radio stations nationwide.

The festival, he said, will be the display of the best music from Sierra Leone and at Africell associates with the best.


“This is not a new domain to Africell. We have supported and are still supporting the music industry in Sierra Leone in more ways than one by creating a pedestal or call it platform if you like for Sierra Leonean musicians to exhibit their potentials,” Konteh said.

The General Manager of National Tourist Board, Yassim Kargbo spoke about the Sierrafest, which will include music festival, cultural festival and agricultural festival. The event, he said will be used to rebrand and market Sierra Leone locally and internationally so as to attract investors. He added that it will help the country in its revenue mobilization drive.

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