September 18, 2021

Principal warns against bribery and Exams malpractice

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Sierra Leone — The Milton Margai College of Education and Technology (MMCET) on Saturday 30th January 2016 held its 2015/2016 academic year matriculation ceremony for the three campuses of Congo Cross, Brookfields and Goderich at the Peace Amphitheatre, Goderich campus, West of Freetown.

Cross-section of matriculants

The Principal of the college, Dr. Saidu Kanu congratulated the matriculants for having worked so hard to gain entry into the institution, noting that it was the wisest choice they have made in their academic pursuits.

He however warned “bribing your lecturers in cash and kind, colluding in examination halls and indulging in examination malpractices to gain undue advantage are serious offences for which you will not escape punishment. Beware of clandestine social groups with hidden agendas. Remember, you are not politicians but students craving to acquire a decent career in life. You must realize that the future of this nation lies in your hands. Rogues and cheats do not make good leaders. Be studious and sincere so that on the great day when you will assemble here to receive your degrees, diplomas and certificates, you will enjoy that feeling of joy that only comes with knowing that you honestly and truly deserve your award.”

Dr. Saidu Kanu also advised the students not take the law into their hands regardless of the circumstances, assuring that his doors are always open to accommodate them. He reminded them that the key to success is hard work, that those who fail to plan, plan to fail and admonished the matriculants to attend lectures regularly and punctually and not wait until examinations before they start studying.

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