July 28, 2021

Sierra Leone rank improves in Corruption Perceptions Index 2015

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Sierra Leone — Transparency International has ranked Sierra Leone 119 out of 167 countries in the Corruption Perceptions Index 2015 indicating an improvement in the fight against corruption in the country.

President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma prioritises fight against corruption

Sierra Leone attained a Corruption Perceptions Index score of 29 and sharing the same position with Azerbaijan, Guyana and Russia.

In 2014 Sierra Leone’s score was 31 which pundits are claiming was as a result of the drop in governance due to the Ebola crisis.

Gambia is 123, Cameroon 130, Nigeria 136, Guinea 139,

“From Ebola to terrorism, we’ve seen corruption exacerbate crises during 2015 in Sub-Saharan Africa,” says Chantal Uwimana, Director for Sub-Saharan Africa. “Forty out of the region’s 46 countries show a serious corruption problem and there’s no improvement for continent powerhouses Nigeria and South Africa. If corruption and impunity are to ‘be a thing of the past’ as the African Union stated, governments need to take bold steps to ensure rule of law is the reality for everyone.”

“Corruption can be beaten if we work together. To stamp out the abuse of power, bribery and shed light on secret deals, citizens must together tell their governments they have had enough,” José Ugaz, Chair, Transparency International.

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