September 22, 2021

Three reported dead in Kambia Police- civilian fiasco

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Sierra Leone — Three people are claimed to have died and few police officers injured in a riot involving police in Bamoi Luma in Kambia District and civilians.

A source in Kambia town said the people are on edge after the rioting civilians burnt down the police post in Bamoi Luma.

“We are hearing rumours that the youths have vowed to set the house of the local head man on fire,” the source claimed.

She also claimed that the injured police officers were taken to the Emergency Hospital.

The chaos, according to the source, was caused when police personnel intervened to quarantine the whole of Bamoi Luma after most of the people residing at the same compound with the recent Ebola victim fled the area.

“There were 50 people in the residence where the Ebola victim was residing but when police went to quarantine the place there were only five people were available,” the source said, adding that their disappearance made the police to announce that the whole of Bamoi Luma will be quarantined.

The source said the youths mobilized on Sunday and demonstrated against the police and that in the morning hours of Tuesday police and military personnel stormed the township with tear gas.

The Member of Parliament representing the constituency and the Inspector General of Police are said to have met the youths and tried to talk them down.

One of the victims of the alleged police shooting is said to have died today from gunshot wounds in his head.

Kambia District recorded an increase in confirmed cases in 2014 that heightened debates as to whether the Bamoi Luma should be banned as the District borders Guinea and trade between the two countries is common.

Kambia District is in the Northern Province, and borders with the Republic of Guinea to the North, Port Loko district to the South and Bombali district to the East. Kambia town is the largest town, and the district capital. The district population is ethnically diverse; the largest and most prominent ethnic groups are Temne, Susu, Limba, Fula, and Mandingo.


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