September 23, 2021

WHO develops Clinical care for survivors of Ebola virus disease

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Sierra Leone — “Today, there are over 10 000 survivors of Ebola virus disease. A number of medical problems have been reported in survivors, including mental health issues. Ebola virus may persist in some body fluids, including semen. Ebola survivors need comprehensive support for the medical and psychosocial challenges they face and also to minimize the risk of continued Ebola virus transmission,” the WHO report states.

Survivors have reported different health complications ranging from eye defects to heart ailments causing families to be worried about the long term health challenges of their loved ones.

In March 11, 2015, Specimen reported the story of an Ebola survivor faced with heart complication captioned:  Ebola Survivor Faced with Heart Complication

An Ebola survivor who was admitted at the Port Loko Ebola Center is presently suffering from heart complication.

Adamsay Kamara was one of the many survivors who left the treatment center with new hopes but her new ailment has made her to loath life again after doctors informed her she needs advance medical care.

Adamsay Kamara was restless and desperate for medical attention at the time of publication.

I never had this problem until after my survival from the virus,” she disclosed to SPECIMEN.

According to her, eight of her family members died from the virus, including her father and mother. She and her brother survived but after she was discharged she started experiencing abnormal heart beats.

“The way I am feeling now is worse than how I was with Ebola,” she lamented.

In her desperation for a cure, Adamsay forced her way through the security of the President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, while he was at the Chinese Hospital at Jui on Tuesday 10th March 2015, during the handover of a medical lab to the Government.

“I met the President and he referred me to the Minister of Social welfare,” she said.

At meeting the minister, Mr. Moijeh Kaikai, Adamsay was referred to the Connaught Hospital where she is presently admitted.

Cases of survivors suffering from various ailments after treatment are becoming common with some patients reporting losing their vision.

The Managing Editor of SPECIMEN, Alpha Bedoh Kamara, is presently facilitating ways by which Adamsay can get treatment.

Adamsay had earlier met Kamara who helped her while she was looking for support.

“I was surprised when she called my phone and said she has named me as her family,” Kamara said, adding that he had promised her to use the newspaper to lobby for help.

WHO has developed the document to guide health services on how to provide quality care to survivors of Ebola virus disease. Table of contents include:

  • Introduction
  • Planning follow-up of the Ebola survivor
  • Common sequelae of Ebola virus disease and recommended evaluation and clinical management
  • Considerations for special populations
  • Monitoring for persistent Ebola virus infection in survivors: guidelines for testing and counselling
  • Infection prevention and control considerations in survivors
  • Risk communication considerations.

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