ADP leader demands nullification of I.B Kargbo

Sierra Leone: The Leader and Chairman of the Alliance Democratic Party, Mohamed Kamarainba Manasaray, has informed the people of Sierra Leone of his resolution to petition the eligibility of the candidature of the newly elected Member of Parliament for Constituency 030 in Bombali District, Ibrahim Ben Kargbo.


Mansaray: want nullification of I.B. Kargbo

The ADP leader who lost to I.B. Kargbo during the by-election held recently at Constituency 030 in Bombali District said I.B. Karbo should be nullified.

A residents of Mc Robert Street in Makeni, Bombali District, Osman Sesay, said the ADP leader is failing to understand he will never win get his way.

“He lost the elections and if he attempt for a second time he will lost woefully,” Sesay said, but a supporter of the ADP, Andrew Turay, said the issue should be looked into considering what he says ‘there is credible ground for nullification’.

“I am petitioning not only I.B. Kargbo but the following people and institution: The National Electoral Commission (NEC), the National Returning Officer of the National Electoral Commission and the Bombali District Returning Officer,” Mansaray said in a press release today.

Among his reasons for the nullification of I.B. Kargbo, he noted, ‘Ibrahim Ben Kargbo was a person disqualified from being a member of parliament by virtue of the fact he was employed as Special Adviser to the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma.

He was paid a monthly salary by the government out of the consolidated fund as such he was a public officer and for him to be eligible to contest for parliament he was required to resign from his advising role and stop receiving salary as from December 2014.

Ibrahim Ben Kargbo was a person disqualified from being a Member of Parliament under the provisions of Sub-section (2) (a) of section 63 of the Public Elections Act 2012 and Sub-section 1 (b) of section 76 of the Constitution of 1991 (Act No. 6 of 1991) and therefore should have been allowed to proceed to the elections.


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