December 2, 2021

Oxfam/Freetown WASH Consortium helping to address Grass Field water challenges

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The Grass Field community, East of Freetown, is one of the communities in the city most affected by lack of sustainable pipe-borne water supply but efforts being made by Oxfam/Freetown WASH Consortium are helping to addresses the challenges.

Residents of Grass Field community queuing for water at a WASH tap

Most communities in Freetown faced so many challenges in accessing pipe-borne water supply and women and children are the most affected.

The WASH Supervisor in the community, Ibriham Turay, said two water taps will be connected into overhead tanks for water distribution to the public and for the students. This he said will reduce the challenges faced by women and children in accessing water.

“Oxfam is not only working on water supply issues at the Grass Field community but also implementing projects on sanitation facilities,” he said.

Sesay further disclosed that the Grass Field community is among communities most affected non-accessibility to essential water supply.

During the ebola crisis in the country, the struggle for pipe-borne water in communities, especially in slum and hilly terrain communities was cited as one of the major factors for the spread of the virus.

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