Is Sierra Leone again turning into a dumping yard?

Sierra Leone — Sierra Leoneans are still mourning the pains inflicted on them by the Ebola crisis which was recently declared over and are hoping for a Sierra Leone free from disease causing agents when a report of an agreement between Sierra Leonean and Lebanese authorities to dump garbage in Sierra Leone hits the shores again.


Waste specialists admit it will be difficult because it is infectious and compacted.

The Daily Star, a Lebanese media reported on Saturday January 9, 2016, that Sierra Leone has reportedly agreed to accept Lebanon’s trash after Beirut last month approved an exportation plan to end the country’s nearly six-month-long waste crisis.

The irony though, Sierra Leone is still unable to manage its garbage disposal and the capital city, Freetown, is struggling to cope with ever flowing mounds.

“If what we are hearing is the truth then the authorities will find another country for Lebanese waste,” an angry trader said to our reporter.

Government officials are yet to discuss on the issue but Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora and those in the country are frustrated about the alleged agreement.

The report said the Lebanese Foreign Ministry received a letter Thursday from Sierra Leone authorities informing it of the country’s willingness to accept its waste.

The letter, which was originally addressed to Holland’s Howa BV firm, is signed by an adviser to Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma, according to the report.

As-Safir said the West African nation consented on the condition that the waste be free of toxins, underlining that the approval remains at a preliminary stage until Sierra Leone’s government and president confirm the deal.

Lebanon is bound by the U.N. Basel Convention on hazardous waste to sort this refuse, thought to have exceeded 100,000 tons, though waste specialists admit that it will be difficult because it is infectious and compacted.

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