Uhuru Kenyatta rallies Kenyans against tribal lines

Kenya — President Uhuru Kenyatta has informed Kenyans that they cannot claim to stand for a united country and still support political parties formed on tribal lines.kk

President Uhuru Kenyatta made the statement as he concluded his two-day visit of Lamu County with a rallying call for peace so that development can take root in the county.

His visit saw 4,073 residents receive title deeds and three hospitals receive Sh200 million for modernisation. Lamu Hospital got Sh100 million to upgrade it to level 5 status while Mpeketoni and Faza hospital each received Sh50 million for modernisation.

Before he completed the visit on Friday, President Kenyatta commissioned a Sh46 million water project at Faza in Pate Island.

Speaking at Faza Secondary School after opening the Faza-Vumbe water project, the Head of State affirmed the national Government’s commitment to working closely with county governments to ensure Kenyans receive services.

“I wish to commend the Governor and the County Government of Lamu for working closely with the national Government to serve the residents,” President Kenyatta said.

At Faza, President Kenyatta issued 2,069 title deeds, which is part of the 4,073 that were issued in Lamu County during the his visit.

The Head of State also issued 2,004 title deeds to landowners at Mkunumbi on Thursday.

He reassured Lamu residents that the Witu-Mokowe road, one of the key roads in the county, will be tarmacked.

“Construction of the Witu-Mokowe road will start in two months’ time and I will personally monitor its progress,” President Kenyatta said.

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