September 22, 2021

Eminds global changing the course of marketing

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In a world of aggressive sales and marketing competition where the swiftest, strong and talented get the best of the market, small scale businesses and companies with smaller budget for market and product research struggle to cope with the trend and find it more challenging to compete.

This trend has created an uneven platform for small and growing businesses because the power of advertising has become so sophisticated that a poorly packaged product will get poor consumer response even if of better quality.

Companies providing service delivery and goods for sale therefore faced the task of turning the table in their favour. It is with this in regard that eminds global (, a focused company involved in integrated marketing communications, steps in to address these challenges.

eminds global approach is to work in tandem with the brand objectives and involving in all spheres of brand building and the process of developing marketing communications and involving communications concept is completely research driven.

eminds global provide the following services:

AUDITING – brand audit, competition audit, consumer audit;

STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT – segmentation and targeting, new product development, positioning and advertising;

PLANNING – modeling brand plan, media optimisation;

GUIDED IMPLEMENTATION – organisational implementation, pilot test, final execution.

eminds global strategy is unique and adaptable to every service provider or product throughout the world and its resources can be harnessed for optimised product sales and service delivery.

eminds global does not only limits its operation in creating the perfect environment for businesses but is also reaching out to the communities by providing support for deprived children in communities to get better education.

Dr. Rajiv Shah, Sunshine Global Hospital, said after soliciting eminds’ service “We at Sunshine Global Hospitals always were in look out for a branding firm which can deliver every business development solution under one umbrella. The quest ended only after getting associated with eminds! Comprehensive solutions offered to us have been quick but innovative, apt but advanced, dependable but cost effective! Our progress is largely powered by hand holding by eminds”.

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