September 18, 2021

African Nations Must Join Fight Against Terrorism For Their Own Good

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Editorial: Just recently the Government of Saudi Arabia came up with names of African nations that have signed up in the coalition to battle ISIS indicating a move to recognize the importance of Africa in combating growing terrorism crises for the good of everyone in the world.


Calling Islamic extremism a disease, Saudi Arabia announced the formation of a coalition of 34 largely Muslim nations to fight terrorism.

“This announcement comes from the Islamic world’s vigilance in fighting this disease so it can be a partner, as a group of countries, in the fight against this disease,” Saudi Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman said.

Extremism has today created the worst human suffering since the Second World War and the number is growing and causing worldwide insecurity and economic burden for neighbouring countries bordering nations most affected by the menace.

However, while developed nations could boast of better security measures to monitor, identify, and snitch people suspected of having a hand in terrorism or having committed such an act, Africa could only hope and pray for divine intervention.


The swift and proactive actions by developed nations to address cases of terrorism is in high level and though there are few challenges their nationals could still boast of better security and protection from undue world threat.

In May of 2015, Kenya experienced another horrific terrorist attack credited to the militant Islamic group Al-Shabaab. The human loss experienced is immeasurable and Kenyans are still reeling in the aftermath of the massacre.

The fear caused by insecurity as a result of terrorism in Kenya made many businesses to spend considerable capital on security costs and thus affecting productivity. This is also the same with companies operating in most affected African countries as can be said of Niogeria,

According to “Six Places At Risk Of Terrorism In Africa” East Africa, the Sahel, Nigeria, Egypt, Tunisia and Libya stand out the most under threat. Logically, the geographical positioning of these countries also exposes the rest of Africa to terrorism.

Nigeria, the strongest economy in West Africa, has over the years struggled to contain the terrorist group, Boko Haram, and faced with widespread corruption and reportedly unequal distribution of resources makes this giant of West Africa a vulnerable platform for terrorist groups to thrive.

The world witness widespread mayhem of innocent Nigerians by Boko Haram and the onslaught spilled into Chad and Cameroon creating an unprecedented spread by the Islamic group in Nigeria.

In the 70s, 80s and 90s, Africa witnessed unprecedented spates of military coups, rebellions and tribal wars, creating a pattern that was unique throughout the continent. And for almost a decade now, Sumalia, Nigeria and Kenya have suffered from the onslaught of terrorist groups linked to religious fanatics.

According to  report on October 11, 2015 “Nigeria’s Boko Haram armed group is blamed for using teens and women to carry out suicide bombings in neighboring Chad and Cameroon this weekend, killing more than 45 people as a multinational force prepares to deploy against them.

Two girls, ages of 13 to 17, carried out suicide bombings in the northern Cameroonian village of Kangeleri near Mora town on Sunday, killing at least nine people and wounding 29 others, said Cameroon’s Minister of Communications Issa Tchiroma Bakary.”

Presently, Egypt and Libya are struggling with unsettling economies caused by unpredictable activities of terrorist groups who have pledged allegiance to ISIS and thus creating a platform for groups of individuals with bizarre interest to launch their own tirades of human slaughter.

On the 20th November 2015, The UN resolution drafted by France after deadly Paris attacks calls for ‘all necessary measures’ to be taken against extremist group on the territory it controls.

“All able states should join the fight against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq and redouble efforts to prevent further attacks by the militant group, the United Nations security council has declared in a unanimous vote” UN report.

The action by the United Nations just shows how important it is for nations to come together to stop the menace. This is no longer about race, tribe, region, religion or colour but rather addressing a problem that could best be described ‘the survival for humanity’.

This is why Africa must brace up now and think ahead of time. The United States of America, Great Britain, France, now Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and others are now thinking on the same level and moving on. Why not Africa?

Africa is most vulnerable and will be most disadvantaged if terrorist activities are not contained now. African countries can best contribute positively by collaborating with nations fighting terrorism as well as ratifying policies to address such acts that are of terrorist related.

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