Eminds bridging healthcare disparities in the world

By Alpha Bedoh Kamara

India – Imagine your loved one wakes up in the morning with a fever and only to be told by your local hospital that there is no healthcare facility available to cure him/her of the ailment! Imagine you are poor and cannot afford the finances to even pay for local treatment…, perhaps the money is available but then the expertise is lacking – his/her life now hinges on a ledge waiting for destiny to strike.Diwalipura1

This is the fate of millions of people around the world especially in developing countries, such as in most countries in Africa, where access to affordable healthcare is poor with little or no standard hospitals.

And while this suffering continues to haunt children, women and the poor, millions are dying from curable diseases and non-communicable diseases.

According to the WHO, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) kill 38 million people each year and  almost three quarters of NCD deaths – 28 million – occur in low- and middle-income countries.

“Sixteen million NCD deaths occur before the age of 70; 82% of these “premature” deaths occurred in low- and middle-income countries. Cardiovascular diseases account for most NCD deaths, or 17.5 million people annually, followed by cancers (8.2 million), respiratory diseases (4 million), and diabetes (1.5 million).”

And though efforts are being made by developed nations, the WHO and governments to address the growing challenges of the health burden on children, women and poor people, the impact is yet to mitigate the crises with more people succumbing to the various forms of diseases affecting nations.

This is why the intervention of eminds-medico which provides super specialty medical and surgical services, treatment of complex illness, diseases and conditions, online treatment, guidance telemedicine, consultation travel, stay and guidance, bridges healthcare disparities in the world.Surat2

Eminds-medico (http://www.emindsmedico.com/) based in Ahmedabad city is a healthcare platform for hope for the millions of people around the world. It’s a center of healthcare excellence with a futuristic focus.

Over the growing years, India has become one of the pioneer destinations for cost effective healthcare services. In this fast-phase developing technological world, India is tagged as one of the efficient and well qualified country for providing quality healthcare services. Other factors which puts India on the priority list for medical tourism involves state-of-the-art hospital Infrastructure, well qualified experts and experienced doctors, trained medical professionals and support staff members, High-end Technology

“Eminds-medico is being visited by patients from Uganda, Nigeria, Sudan and Madagascar,” said Shital Shukla, director at eminds adcom private limited.

According to Dr Eric Buch, NEPAD (New Partnership for Africa’s Development) Adviser on Health as well as a Professor of Health Policy and Management at the School of Health Systems and Public Heath, University of Pretoria… “Africa suffers a burden of unnecessary disease which impacts families, impoverishes large numbers of people and undermines socioeconomic development on the continent. The bottom line is that Africa’s health systems are struggling to provide effective and adequate healthcare.”

India’s role in helping to better the lives of people throughout the world with affordable medicine and medicare facilities is well renowned and the introduction of medical tourism is a show of years of research, innovative prowess with a focus to address the burden of people in vulnerable state.

Eminds-medico is specialized in arthroscopy & sports medicine, cardiology, urology, neuro-medicine and other congenital surgery. Spine surgery, cosmetic & complex dental surgery, GI & Laparoscopic surgery, pediatric orthopedic surgery, cosmetic & plastic surgery, joint replacement surgery, pain management, vascular surgery, bariatric surgery, complex accidental surgery, pediatric cardiology, maxillo facial surgery, foot & ankle surgery, as well as gastroenterology.

“Whenever your loved one wakes up in the morning with a fever and only to be told by your local hospital that there is no healthcare facility available to cure him/her of the ailment, think eminds-medico, said Shital Shukla.

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