October 20, 2021

BOLLORE Brings In A New Crane To Enhance Efficiency

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Sierra Leone: In a bid to enhance efficiency and maintain high standards in service delivery at the Freetown Terminal Ltd, Bollore Africa Logistic has invested US$5m beyond its present mandate, in a new TEREX|GOTTWALD Model 6 Harbour Crane in addition to the two existing 100 ton GOTTWALD cranes.

athe new crane in operation

“Though the two existing cranes had positioned the port as effective and an easy to do business place, the new crane will strengthen it efficiency and make the terminal an enviable one in the West Africa region,” said Mr. Joseph Lambert, the company’s secretary, adding that work will be further enhanced and the time a vessel spends in the port will be reduced.

The decision, according to Lambert, was progressive as the choice of crane took into consideration future developments and advancements of the terminal.

“It will also upkeep timing in the event of down time in any of the other cranes in time of maintenance. The Model 6 Harbour Crane is a class above the existing ones,” he said.

The crane, according to Bollore Officials, has a lifting capacity of 125 tons with a longer boom reach, it is faster, better operator visibility, easy to maintain, ergonomic and environmentally friendly.Freetown_Terminal_01

“It is a machine of power and functionality required in a handling machine for high performance and higher handling rates. It can handle bigger vessels calling other ports in Africa and much to the advantage of ship owners who may now increase their carriage to the port by bringing in vessels of high capacity which may positively affect freight rates,” Lambert said.

Freetown Terminal’s General Manager, Bertrand Kerguelen, said trained Sierra Leonean Crane Operators are readily available to operate the new ultra-modern crane and repairs will be done by Sierra Leonean technicians when the need arises.

The crane arrived on the chartered vessel, Jumbo Javelin, on 14th December 2015 and offloaded on 15th December 2015 and completed at approximately 9:00am and immediately put to work on a vessel at about 3:00pm.

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