Private Sector Lacks Capacity Building To Sustain Environmental Programmes – Abdulai Conteh

Sierra Leone: The manager of the Environmental Consulting Services, Abdulai Conteh, has warned stakeholders in Freetown that capacity building is lacking amongst private sector entities on how to sustain environmental programmes.


Stakeholders in Sierra Leone meet in Freetown

Conteh was speaking at a workshop held at the Family Kingdom on Thursday 26th November 2016 on the topic: The role of private sectors in environmental sustainability.

He said individual’s actions today are impacting the environment negatively and therefore the need to meet the present needs to address the burden.


Illegal cutting down of trees in Sierra Leone exposes the land to erosion

Green Scenery in collaboration with Search for Common Grounds, Christian Aid and the Environmental Protection Agency engaged Private Sector entities in a day’s workshop with the objective of raising awareness, influence environmental sustainability and corporate culture to develop strategies and guidelines that are applicable to a unique environment of every business.

The private Sector actors were identified as key contributors to environmental sustainability to promote sustainable environmental governance through innovative partnerships for environmental sustainability in Sierra Leone.

Conteh said although the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has done so much in addressing environmental challenges they should do more on environmental policies.

Sustainability, he said, brings three elements into play: economy, society and the environment. He also said that water crisis would be the next problem in Freetown if measures are not taken.

Conteh said environmental sustainability is not about witch-hunting but the mindset, stating “We need to change the way we take decisions to sustain our natural environment”.

He further informed participants that sustainability is about having people to have the ability to maintain positive environmental protection activities in order to have an indefinite natural circle. “Government and the private sector need to promote environmental sustainability because a healthy environment is essential for livelihood and development,” he said.

Green Scenery’s Programmes Manager, Seinya Bakarr, said private sector actors have committed to environmental sustainability.

She said people should change the mindset of business to ensure a proper environmental management and thanked the European Union and National Authorizing Office for funding the project.


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