CARL Tables Position Paper For Accountability In Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone: The Center For Accountability and Rule of Law (CARL) on Tuesday presented their position paper to the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) for a clear provision to be stated in the new constitution of Sierra Leone for a ‘presidential term limit’.

CARL also remends ways in which the CRC can improve on provisions in the 1991 Constitution relating to: Citizenship, National security, Right to life (abolition of the death penalty), Separation of governmental powers, and gender equality, among others.

“CARL recommends that a clear provision be stated in the new constitution that ‘anyone who has exhausted the term limits of all the positions created under the 1991 Constitution be barred from contesting under the new constitution,” the executive of CARL, Ibrahim Tommy said.

CARL’s call came at a time when some Sierra Leoneans are suggesting a continuity of the presidency for continuous and sustainable development in the country.

The mandate of the CRC is to review the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone using Constitutional Review Commission Report submitted to the Government of Sierra Leone in January 2008 as a working document.

In carrying out its mandate, the CRC is required to collect views by all practical means for the general public in and outside Sierra Leone.






















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