Sierra Leone Parliament Enacts Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency Act 2015

The Parliament of Sierra Leone on Thursday 12th November 2015 enacted the bill entitled the “Sierra Leone Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency Act, 2015”.

Hon mabinty

Acting Minister of Trade and Industry: Mabinty Daramy

The bill is geared towards the provision and establishment of a Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency.

It is expected to create a better environment within which small and medium enterprises can thrive and operate well in the country, and also to promote and enhance monetary and banking policy, trade and industry, technology, marketing infrastructure, institutional development, and other related matters.

Presenting the bill to Parliament, the acting Minister of Trade and Industry, Mabinty Daramy, highlighted its importance for the development of the country. She informed Parliament that the bill when enacted, would establish a positive business environment where all businesses, particularly small ones could grow and prosper.

The Chairman for the Committee on Trade in Parliament, Hon. Sidi Tunis, described the bill as “good” and said that it will seek the welfare of the private sector as they are partners in development.

The Acting Minority Leader, Hon. Ansumana KaiKai, urged MPs to critically examine the bill before enactment, referencing several challenges, such as fiscal policies.

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