September 26, 2021

German experts train Kenyan companies on renewable energy

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In a bid to reduce energy costs and access affordable power

Commercial and industrial enterprises in Kenya are investing more in reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly energy to cover their demand for electricity. In order to equip Kenyan renewable energy technicians, financing institutions and the public sector with in-depth knowledge to efficiently respond to this rising demand, the GIZ Renewable Energy Project Development Programme (PDP) holds four day training. The 2nd German Solar Training Week will be held in close cooperation with the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Kenya (AHK) in Nairobi from 23rd and 26th November. It will cover technical and economic aspects of grid connected photovoltaic (PV) systems, professional PV off-grid systems and PV-diesel hybrid systems.

GIZ Programme Manager Renewable Energy Project Development Programme, Jasmin Fraatz and Dr. Roman Brinzanik, Head of New Markets, Kraftwerk Renewable Power Solutions GmbH exchange notes with County Executive Committee Member for Trade, Industrialization, Cooperative Development and Tourism Anna Othoro at a press briefing held for the opening of the Renewable Energy conference and German Solar Training Week at Southern Sun Mayfair Hotel, Nairobi.

“The 2nd German Solar Training Week will bring together German companies with the Kenyan private sector, government officials and academia”, explains Jasmin Fraatz, Programme Manager for the GIZ Project Development Programme. The companies Autarsys GmbH, HOPPECKE Batterien GmbH & Co. KG, SMA Solar Technology AG and SUNSET Energietechnik GmbH that hold the training sessions are internationally known for their expertise and sophisticated products.

The increased uptake of solar technology in Kenya has led to high demand for skilled financial and project planners, as well as engineers and technicians who can sustainably design, install and operate solar PV systems. Compared to 2012 where the country only had 800–1000 solar PV technicians working in the market, the number has substantially increased by demand and through the introduction of regulations for trained technicians.

However, the training gap especially on larger solar systems for mini-grids, industrial and commercial applications still remains high. Therefore, the Renewable Energy Project Development Programme, implemented by GIZ under the “renewables – Made in Germany” initiative, brings together experts from leading German technology companies who will spearhead this comprehensive training.

Jasmin Fraatz adds that GIZ continues to foster a well-established relation between Kenya and Germany in enhancing expertise in the field of clean energy through impactful considerable know-how on solar energy, bioenergy and system integration. Access to solar-powered lighting, heating and cooling clean energy is crucial to cost reduction for Kenyan industrial and agricultural stakeholders.


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