December 2, 2021

SLPP flagbearer contender Alpha Timbo says he is not afraid of Maada Bio

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By W.W. Legend

Popular politician – Lawyer Alpha Timbo – who is also a contender for the flagbearer position of the main opposition Sierra Leone People Party, has said in Freetown that he is not afraid of Maada Bio.

Maada Bio
Maada Bio

In an exclusive interview with him recently, Lawyer Timbo said there is no reason for him to fear Bio or any other contender for the flagbearer position.

“I am a seasoned politician – someone who knows the law, including the SLPP constitution,” he said. “I stand for uprightness and for going by the rules, but whoever wants or tries to bend the rules in favour of anyone will be stiffly opposed.”

He said he is ready for anything this time around, especially to ensure that there is a level playing field for everyone.

Bio, who has already vied two times for the flagbearer position, is set to contest a third time, against the liking of many, but he prides himself at their constitution which doesn’t set a term limit about how many times one should run.

Presently, he is touring the country in the guise of fighting ebola, and spending funds that many are wondering where it comes from.

Alpha Timbo
Alpha Timbo

“Everyone is welcome to join in the fight against Ebola,” said Lawyer Alpha Timbo. “I also was at some point engaged in sensitization of the disease – I was even invited by the police to make a statement because some people said that I was campaigning at Makeni, which is not true. So, there is no problem with Maada Bio going around the country sensitizing about Ebola, although that should have been done when the disease was at its height like I and others did instead of now when Sierra Leone is only a week or two away of being declared ebola-free.”

When he was asked about his chances in the coming elections to choose a flagbearer for the SLPP, Mr. Timbo said he is very confident as he is the only one that will be able to unseat the ruling APC party.

“You see, the APC and others are always accusing the SLPP of tribalism and regionalism. I stand to negate that, because I am from the north, where everyone knows I can beat the APC hands down if the flagbearer position is given to me. Now tie that with our strongholds in the south and the east, including the west here where it is for anyone’s grab. With me as the SLPP’s choice, state house is in sight for us come 2018. I hope the SLPP knows this and makes a sound judgment about who they choose as flagbearer.”

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