September 22, 2021

As Port Loko Ebola fight intensifies…. Culpable Headmen may lose positions

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By Hassan Bruz


The decision to intensify measures through which the mode of transmission of the Ebola virus can be stopped and subsequently eradicated from the district by the Port Loko District Ebola Response Committee without further delay is now looking from lessons learnt in Kenema.

Presently there is no reported Ebola case in the country and people are hopeful the positive trend will continue.

The District Ebola Response Task Force has invited a team of consultants from Kenema to restructure the Pillars already set up to fight the spread of the virus. The Team, which was headed by one Dr. Monica, shared the Kenema experience with emphasis on the need for team work and for all sorts of interventions to be properly channeled so as to avoid duplication of efforts

Village Headmen and Section Chiefs were also warned that if their communities are found culpable of practices that help the spread of Ebola will not only be relieved of their duties but will also pay a fine of 500,000 Leones.

Also, any Paramount Chief who falls foul of these laws will pay a fine of one million Leones in addition to whatever other penalty that might deem fit.

The District Coordinator for the Ebola Emergency Response Centre in Port Loko, Hon. Raymond Kabia, said the district can now boast of at least a couple of Treatment Centres and a Laboratory.

He however said that some of the Pillars such as the Social Mobilisation, Surveillance and Contact Tracing Pillars require additional pressure to be more effective.

On the issue of Bye Laws, it was realised that most communities were addicted to the primitive beliefs of washing dead bodies and secret burials.

These were deduced to be the key factors responsible for the continued spread of the virus and the upsurge of Ebola related cases in the district. In a bid to stop these primitive practices, it was resolved that violators of such rules will henceforth be isolated for a period of six months.

For the effective dissemination of these decisions and several other measures that require public compliance, the Coordinator for the Ebola Response Centre in Port Loko District said there will now be a weekly Press Conference at the District Health Management Team Conference on Thursdays and a Radio Talk Show on Fridays.

Following reports from the Command and Control Centre that there was marked improvement in terms of conveying sick people to Holding Centres and ensuring timely burial for all Ebola related cases, the Paramount Chiefs in their individual contributions commended the initiatives of the District Task Force and registered their determination to fight and win the war in their district.

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