September 18, 2021

Sierra Leone Among Top in West Africa on the IBRAHIM INDEX on Governance

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Overall Governance

Score/100: 51.0

African Average: 50.1

Change since 2011: +0.7

Rank/54: 25

The latest report on the Mo Ibrahim Governance Index shows Sierra Leone among the Top Five out of the sixteen West African states. With an overall mark of 51, it ranked 5th behind Cape Verde, Ghana, Senegal and Benin. Sierra Leone improved overall in governance “(+0.7) since 2011 scoring higher than the African average and lower than the regional average for West Africa”. At the continental level, the Sierra Leone ranks 25 out of 54 countries assessed.

Mo Ibrahim launched the index to help countries measure and improve their performance. It ranks countries according to 93 indicators grouped under four categories: Safety and the Rule of Law, Participation and Human Rights, Sustainable Economic Opportunity and Human Development. The report shows overall improvements in human development and in participation and human rights, but deterioration in sustainable economic opportunity, and in safety and the rule of law.

Sierra Leone’s best performances are in the key good governance indicators of Safety and Rule of Law scoring 58% and ranking 5th in the sub region and 17th on the continent. Within the first category (Safety and Rule of Law), Sierra Leone performed best in National Security, scoring 82.9%. In the Participation and Human Rights category, the country scores 60.8 which again puts Sierra Leone on the 5th position in the sub region with a slightly higherranking (16th) on the continent. Within this category, Sierra Leone’s best sub-category performance is in gender, 62.8 and 58.5 in the ‘Rights’ category. The relatively high scores (62.8) in the gender and (58.5) in the rights indicators clearly represent that Sierra Leone performs (relatively) well as shown both by the regional ranking (5th) and continental ranking (16th) in those two indicators.

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