Sierra Leone Gets Diasspora Officer

Former Chairman of the All People’s Congress  North America ( APC -NA), Mr. Osman T. Conteh, has received an  appointment in the Sierra Leone Government. He has been appointed the first DIASPORA OFFICER abroad of the Republic of Sierra Leone , attached to the Sierra Leone Embassy in the United States in Washington DC.



Ambassador Bockarie Kortu Stevens praised Mr. Conteh  as a committed, hard-working and faithful person. He said that all the procedures pertaining to a government appointment were followed.

“The job was advertised in the Embassy website. Mr. Conteh applied; he was interviewed  and found to be the most suitable applicant, given his qualifications and his ability to mobilize Sierra Leoneans for worthy causes,” he said.

The former Chairman has a large following in the Sierra Leone diaspora. His ability, according to Ambassador Stevens, is beyond question and that Mr. Conteh will serve as a liaison between the Embassy and the Sierra Leone community.

One of his first duties will be to help register all Sierra Leoneans in the U.S–A pilot project of Ambassador Bockarie Stevens. Mr. Conteh will also be tasked with the responsibility to bring the Sierra Leone community closer to their Embassy in Washington DC.

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