Transnational Clarifies Channel Change: Major English Premier League Games Now on Super Sports 5

The high standard of the English Premier League and changes in TV rights have created the repositioning of major English Premier League games from Super Sports 3 which is available on Compact plus to Super Sports 5.

Dianah Scott and Cecil Coker

Dianah Scott and Cecil Coker

Transnational SL Ltd. on Monday clarified their position with regards the shifting of the channel during a press conference held on Monday at Hub Hotel in Wilberforce.

The Sales and Marketing Manager of Transnational SL Ltd., Dianah Scott, said Transnational Sl Ltd. is only implementing instructions from Multi-Choice and that the English Premier League is now a Premium Product.

Since the start of the English Premier League football season major games have been shifted from one channel to the other.

“Transnational SL Ltd has been receiving complaints from aggrieved customers who think they have been cheated by the company and are not getting the services they were getting before.

“Multi-Choice gives the instructions and we are only implementing the instructions,” Scott disclosed.

She said there have been DSTV messages on customers’ decorders and also SMS messages in their phones.

The Deputy CEO, Cecil Coker, said channel owners have the right to reposition the channels and that the English Premier League is now viewed as a Premium Product of Multi-Choice.

“This is parts of the efforts to make it available to premium subscribers,” he said.

He however noted that Super Sports 3 still carries more La Liga matches, FA Cup, and other European league matches.

Active subscribers are also in for a thrill with the awesome ‘The World of Champions Promotion’ from 14 – 28th August.Subscribers will get free subscription on all channels for this period.

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