Church of Latter Day Saints cleans Sierra Leone

Knowing that preaching the Word of God does not only stops at the pulpit, the Church of Latter Day Saints on Saturday changed the face of victoria Park and environs of State Avenue by beautifying and cleaning that part of the city.


The dilapidated Victoria Park, which for almost four years, has remained unused, was on Saturday cleaned and painted by members of the Church of Latter Day Saints.

The members contributed monies for the procurement of paints, cartons of soap, and other cleaning materials as well as providing service to ensure the most visited part of the city is clean.

Sahr Kelly, a representative of the Church, said their intervention was part of their services to the community and that over 1000 of their members from Waterloo to Goderich contributed to the work.

The nationwide annual programe, according to Kelly, was an ‘All Africa Service Project’ held on 15th August every year.

“We are taking a holistic approach in reachingout to the people,” he noted, adding that the exercise was not only held in Freetown, but also in the provincial headquarter towns.

“When we maintain cleaningness we will push Ebola away,” he said, adding that Sierra Leone should not be complacent and that people must know that ebola is still in the country. w

The action by the Church of Latter Days was commended by passersby who thanked the members for their intervention in once again giving a smiling face to the Victoria Park.

“This is indeed God’s intervention,” a woman said during the exercise.

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