We cannot build Sierra Leone by fighting each other

Sierra Leone is a small country with a population of almost six million people with abundant natural resources and a climate that could best be described ‘Haven’; but unfortunately, the activities of some Sierra Leoneans may frustrate efforts being put in place for a better Sierra Leone.

We cannot build Sierra Leone by fighting each other but only through unity, love and passion for the good of our nation; and now that our governance system is being guided by democratic tenets means we should support the processes of governance, promote the fight against corruption and stand against tribalism and regionalism.

As a people we have always proved to the world our tolerant nature, be it religion, culture or tribe, unfortunately this beautiful face of ours is sometimes tainted with tribal and regional colours when it comes to politics and the two major political parties in Sierra Leone should find a way to address these challenges.

The ruling All Peoples Congress political party (APC) and the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) have an obligation to the people of Sierra Leone for sustainable peace and development and therefore must ensure good governance and the rule of law in society.

There is so much we need to address: climate change threat, unemployment, illiteracy rate, among others; and the people of Sierra Leone expect the politicians to look at ways to work together and help build the country. Unfortunately, democracy in Sierra Leone is breeding a competition that is not only fierce but opponent of the ruling government always seeking ways to frustrate ongoing development activities.

We must stop this to better our nation and people. There is too much individualism in our politicians and nothing about the people because the activities of some of them are indicative of people finding employment in politics; and so it is.

There is time for politicking and time for voting but presently our focus must be centered on developing the country, address the primary needs of our women and girls, and ensure the protection of all Sierra Leoneans from abuse and violation.

This is why the opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) should find ways to meaningfully engage the ruling All Peoples Congress party (APC) on issues of governance and try to be a part in the processes of governance and not only be seen as only an opposing sector.

The opposition political plays a great role in a democracy as representatives of the people and thus they criticize government in case the later ignores them or conceal facts and they resort to protestation in the House and at the public level.

“It counts very much for awareness among the people over the specific issues of national importance and raises levels of political consciousness among them. However, sometime, just for the sake of opposition the opposition even criticizes the right policy of the government. This proves very harmful for the democracy,” http://www.publishyourarticles.net,

It therefore strikes me as peculiar when I heard on BBC on 25th June 2015 a member of the opposing party in Greece said the issue at hand is not about opposing the ruling government, but rather ‘working as nation for the good of Greece’. She was pragmatic on the issue of austerity, stating ‘it was hard for the country even during their time in power’.

It shows the passion she has for her country and people: this will hardly be heard from a Sierra Leonean of the opposing political party. He/she will paint the country bleak even if there is progress just to damage the image of the nation and discourage those that may want to contribute to the development of the nation.

Political backstabbing must stop and it is time our politicians know that they cannot continue to fool the people because they (people) know what development is as well as bad governance and will make their decisions known on elections day; and therefore we expect politicians to put the country first and seek the interest of the people otherwise they are wasting their time branding the nation in negative descriptions.

The opposition could be critical in ensuring roads being constructed are monitored and monies spent used the right way, engaged bidders of public projects for proper accountability, and engage their people for information dissemination; in doing so the ruling government will strive to be transparent and accountable.

We await our politicians to engage us in our communities and court barrays…our women want answers to their needs, our grandmothers and grandpas who could not read and speak English want to see and hear them, the ghetto youths are eager for opportunities and football fanatics crying for dying soccer!

Our representatives in Parliament, SLPP and APC members must move out now and talk to us and tell us what is happening rather than allow the negative mentality amongst the party supporters to brew and ferment negatively.

The tarmac roads are growing due to ongoing rehabilitation and construction processes, investment opportunities are opening, the media landscape is encouraging, the Anti-Corruption Commission is fighting, and so on, but then let the opposition engage us now and proffer better ideas for development rather than always crying foul.

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