September 18, 2021

Transport And Aviation Minister Logus Koroma Hails Transformation Of Sierra Leone By Air, Sea And Land By President Koroma

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The Minister of Transport and Aviation, Comrade Leonard Balogun Koroma has recounted the President of Sierra Leone Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma has implored members of his team to think big.

Comrade Leonard Balogun Koroma popularly known as ‘Logus’ made this disclosure whilst delivering statement at the official launch of the ‘Sierra Queen Ferry’ at the Lagoonda Entertainment Complex, Aberdeen in Freetown past Thursday 11th June, 2015.
He said the daily administration of a country requires government officials to think above the box.


This, he noted, is what the Ministry of Transport and Aviation (MTA) is doing in line with the President’s clarion call.

Logus Koroma noted ‘christening or launching’ of a big ship or boat is a tradition that has ancient roots, adding throughout history, sailors have known the sea as a powerful and sometimes dangerous place.

Hence, the act of ‘christening or launching’ a ship, he noted, is meant to bring good luck and safety to the ship and its sailors.
“We are participating in an official launching such as the Presidential launch, which is not always possible, and for which we are extremely grateful to H E the President and the First Lady for their presence,” he noted, adding the important thing was to include certain key elements rather than conforming to a special ritual.

Minister Koroma thanked President Koroma for all the Executive Clearances given to MTA to travel overseas on more than one occasion to meet with Westminster officials. The result, he noted, have yielded a very good fruit. MTA, he said, is proud of the achievement.
The launch, he added, fits into the President’s vision to create safe, reliable and effective airport transfer services to and from Lungi International Airport.

The hardworking Minister further disclosed the commissioning of the Ferry boat comes at a time when the fight against the Ebola virus disease is bearing good fruit.

He also said the event is also coming at a time when investors who had left the country due to the Ebola outbreak are returning.
‘‘The launch is coming when confidence in our economy and the country’s leadership is revamping and being endorsed more than ever before,’’ he said, saying, all this development fits into the objectives of the Agenda for Prosperity and the Post Ebola Recovery efforts, which had been endorsed by our international partners.

The Minister pointed out that the transformation of the country under President Koroma by land, sea and air had resumed with the MTA robustly assisting in it.

He used the medium to inform people about the 100 buses which is slated to arrive soon in the country.
This, Comrade Logus said, is happing for the first time in the history of the country under his dynamic leadership and relentless effort of the Head of State.

He disclosed that the 100 brand new buses will be unveiled by no less a person than President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma.

He said the busses have three years spare parts, mobile workshop, new machinery for the SLRTC mechanical workshop with technical assistance and training package. “I am pleased to report that I received the keys for the 100 new buses past Tuesday,” Minister Logus revealed in a joyous mood, disclosing also that very soon and again for the first time in the history of Sierra Leone, President Koroma will launch the Mamamah International Airport Project, which he described as, a flagship project for the President and in fulfillment of his vision for a new airport on the mainland of the county a prospect that has proved elusive for over 40 years and it is a clear indication that MTA is on the move.

He said the ushering of the new ferry service will provide additional safety and comfort for passengers plying to and from the airport.
“The service will send a clear signal to competitors who have made money out of the business but failed to reinvest and improve their services to either improve or suffer the consequences of loosing business and passengers will now benefit from more choices and better customer service,’’ he said.

Minister Koroma thanked Westminster group for taking the bold step to further ‘‘invest in the country at difficult time like this.’’
“The Sierra Leone government on its part provided the terminal buildings and landing jetties at Lungi, Government Wharf and Kissy and Westminster is looking forward to build a new modern jetty at Cape Light House at Aberdeen,” he revealed.

He used the opportunity to appeal to President and the Lands Ministry to assist in ensuring that beach front coastal lands are reserved and made available for jetty and other development projects that could be utilized by all for use by the majority of people and not just a few.

Dilating on the facilities of the vessel, he said: “it is a 190 seated passengers with 3 television screens which will give video safety briefs and provide information on flight details; the crew comprises of one lead Captain, one local captain, one able seaman (or Navigator), one Chief Engineer, Three Customer Service Representatives, two seamen (or rope handlers and general hands) and three hospitality shops amongst others”.

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