December 2, 2021

‘Emirate Foundation and Fast track’ Provide Support To Amputees

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Amputees and Sierra Leoneans in need in Sierra Leone have received support from the ‘Emirate Foundation and Fast Track’ through Sierra Leoneans in Dubai supported by the Sierra Leone Embassy in the UAE.

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The donation, which worth 900,000 Dollars, comprises of medical equipment, blankets and footwear being distributed to people in need in the country and the Chairman of the Sierra Leone Amputees Association, Alhaji Jusu Jakah, and his members, were provided with blankets for their families and shoes for the amputee victims.

The presentation of the donation to the amputees was held on Saturday 20th 2015 amidst applause and commendation for the providers of the donation.

The President of the Sierra Leoneans in Dubai, Alhaji Ibrahim Bah, and the organization Secretary, Mr. Lafiya, were in Freetown recently to facilitate the processes of distributing the donation to the Ministry of Health.

Distributing the blankets and shoes to the amputees and their families at Jui in the East of Freetown, the Director for the Foundation of Islamic Information in Sierra Leone, Abdul Latif Kargbo, said he is in collaboration with the Ministry of Health to ensure the donation reaches the beneficiaries.

“The intervention by the Foundation is to complement the efforts of government in assisting the people of Sierra Leone,” Sheik Latif noted.


The foundation handed over the medical equipment to the Ministry of Health, which Sheik Abdul Latif Kargbo handed over to the Minister of Health in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Health II, Madina Rakman and the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Brima Kargbo.

Among the organizations that have received the donation are St. George’s Foundation at Grafton, Gods Hope Orphanage at Grafton, Handicaps at Grafton and also schools at the Calaba Town Community, OBEZ Memorial Secondary School, WMA Nursery and Primary School, HUDA Nursery and Primary school, TAIS Academy, and also the personnel of the Congo Water Police Post.

Alhaji Jusu Jakah thanked the foundation for the support.

“We were not expecting this goodness but the donation shows our brothers and sisters care about us,” he said, adding that they will ever continue to pray for their success and wellbeing in Dubai.

The donation, he said, comes at a time they needed it most.

“The blankets will serve us throughout this rainy season and the shoes are so wonderful,” he said in excitement.

The Director for the Foundation of Islamic Information in Sierra Leone, Abdul Latif Kargbo, said the donation will be made available to more people in need and that their hope is to provide hope and joy for the beneficiaries.

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