October 27, 2021

Council Implores MASADA To Increase Garbage Locations

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The Public Relations Officer of the Freetown City Council, Cyril Mattia, has disclosed to SPECIMEN that though MASADA is doing a great job in cleaning the city they still have room for improvement.

“We have been looking at the effort MASADA is doing and we believe there is room for improvement to make the city even cleaner. Initially they were committed to a certain level and gave us the assurance that they get the equipment to do proper management of garbage disposal in the city.
“They have certain capacity that they exhibited before they were given the contract. They showed to us (Council and Government) that they have what it takes. We were expecting fleets of vehicles.
We also take into consideration the other assurance that they will rollout dust bins throughout the city so that use of the garbage disposal land fill in the various wards will be a thing of the past,” Mattia said.
He continued that there is confusion in council because people are complaining that they have been stopped from disposing off garbage in their wards and so when it rains garbage is placed into drainages and causing the streets to flood.
Mattia also said that monies demanded by MASADA for the service is unimaginable and that if council mobilize young people to do the work it will be an opportunity for more employment.
Our target is for us to get a clean city where cholera will not hit us again
He said before the agreement was signed between MASADA and Council, there were over 40 garbage disposal locations in Freetown but that MASADA is presently utilizing 23 locations and that that was not what they agreed on.
A representative of MASADA said the challenge they are facing is that some of the garbage disposal spots been used before have been encroached upon by community people and others knocked off by activities of the Sierra Leone Roads Authority.
He also said the placement of certain disposal spots poses environmental risk to the communities and that MASADA not having a mandate for the provision of land for garbage disposal means they have to look forward to council.
A Resident of Rokupa in Wellington, Isatu Koroma, disclosed that a house has been built on the plot of land that was used for the disposal of garbage.
She claimed that employees of MASADA normally visited them to collect waste which they kept in bags.
“If we don’t see MASADA we send our children to throw away the garbage into the sea,” she disclosed, adding that MASADA is working hard but there is need for people to be penalized for indiscriminately throwing garbage into the streets.
During the unveiling of MASADA, the Mayor of the Freetown City Council, Franklin Bode Gibson, said the signing ceremony marked the start of responsibility of waste collection, management and conversion by Masada.
“I feel joy and dignified in handing over the responsibility of waste collection in the city to Masada Waste Management Company”, he said
He cautioned that people must pay for waste as “Masada is a profit-making company which the government cannot continue to support to clean the Freetown municipality” but that the company will have to sustain itself.
He indicated that now is the time to tell the people in the city that they must start to pay for their waste, and called on all not to throw their wastes on the streets or in the gutters.

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