October 24, 2021

Measles and Polio Campaign Was a Success- DMO Kono District

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By Emmanuel Okyne

DMO of Kono district Dr, Sorie Manso Dumbuya
DMO of Kono district Dr, Sorie Manso Dumbuya

The District Medical Officer in Kono District, Dr. Sorie Manso Dumbuya, has stated that the polio and measles campaign organized by UNICEF, WHO and the GOSL on 5- 10 of June 2015 was a success in the Kono District.

The DMO stated that the district targeted 94,000 under five children and 21,000 pregnant women in the district during the campaign.

He said the first measles outbreak this year was in March but that they were able to contain the infection from spreading.

He also said that measles did not only breakout in Kono, but also in Bo, Koinadugu, Tonkolili, Kenema and Kailahun.

“21 samples of cases were reported in Kono with five been positive,” he disclosed, adding that poor hygiene and congestion are responsible for measles outbreak.

“Any pregnant woman left out during the campaign will be traced,” he assured, though he noted that because of the Ebola virus people were afraid to visit the health facility.

The nurse-In-charge of Condama Community Health Post in Nieyama Kono district, Memunatu Sesay,  said during the Ebola outbreak people were not making use of the health center because it was used as a holding centre for Ebola.

She said one of their biggest challenges during the campaign was mobility as health workers have to work almost 7 to 10 mile to attend to people in some communities.

Another health worker of the Condama Health Post, Mariatu Bangura, appealed to the Ministry of Health and Sanitation and donor partners to provide more durable bikes that could stand the deplorable road network in the district.

Nurse Bangura said there is need for more quotas of free health care drugs in the village, adding that their quota is small for the number of people from the 14 catchment areas.

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