October 24, 2021

Chief Appeals for Better Health Facility

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By Emmanuel Okyne

Acting town chief of Kpetema Bumpe chiefdom Bo district
Acting town chief of Kpetema Bumpe chiefdom Bo district

The Acting Town chief of Kpetema Bumpe Ngao chiefdom in Bo district, Sylvester Morovia, has appealed to officials of the Ministry of Health and health stakeholders  during the Measles and polio campaign organized by UNICF, WHO and the GOSL to assist his chiefdom with better health care facilities.

“My chiefdom was a hot spot during the Ebola outbreak in the district,” he said, adding that they are sensitizing community people to make use of the health facility that is available in the chiefdom.

He said there was huge turnout in most of the PHUs as pregnant women and Under-five children visited the clinic, though he noted that some of their biggest challenges were lack of beds for patient, unconducive maternity room and unavailability of electricity.

He also claimed that the health facility serves over 15 villages and thus putting pressure on health workers in the chiefdom.

The nurse-in-charge of the Kpetema Health Post, Murray Bangura, said the clinic has out grown the population in the surrounding villages.

“The clinic has one bed in the maternity ward,” he reiterated, adding that due to the lack of beds pregnant women do bring their mats along to avoid any eventuality as they go through labour.

He however disclosed that they have improvised by providing grass mattresses for use in time of emergency.

“We have been years without electricity,” he claimed, but also noted that their only option presently is the ‘Chinese Lights’ (sold on shop counters).

He also claimed that the clinic as only one toilet and its being used by patients and health workers.

With four nurses manning the clinic there is only one quarter which has two rooms; and according to Murray, the other staff resides far off from the town.

“This challenge makes it difficult for them to report for work on time during emergency,” he said

He said the Performance Base Finance [PBF] for 2014 was delayed due to the Ebola outbreak and rendered challenges for them in running the clinic, adding that the PBF received for 2014 was used to build an Antenatal Checkup Unit as the clinic is without an antenatal section.

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