September 22, 2021

My Community: The Issues

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Good news in our community, the President has launched the National Social Protection Strategy and Implementation Plan to salvage our people from poverty….a laudable venture and one every Sierra Leonean should be happy about.

Nor sidon yanda dae long mot….this is time for us to come together and work in the interest of our country. What we need from our Government is putting in place the policies that will avail us the platform to be better Sierra Leoneans. Yes, better Sierra Leoneans….but the policies have always lack the social aspects that directly address the wellbeing of poor Sierra Leoneans.

The United States of America and other countries, even Botswana, have a ‘Poverty Line’….the poorest of their citizens will have something to eat, healthcare and for most, somewhere to lay their heads.

We witnessed the birth of NASSIT and the stories were craftily painted and we were hopeful the new born social security will impact positively on the livelihood of the millions of Sierra Leoneans struggling with the challenges of poverty.

We were hoping that cheaper ‘low-cost’ housing will be provided in urban communities and interventions to be made to address problems of public transportation, among others. But the format isn’t what we had thought and instead of the feeling in real life the ‘Social Security’ dream, poor Sierra Leoneans are unable to rent properties built by NASSIT.

But again…da popay always dae beg na treet….while the 4RUNNERS sped by splashing muddy water on his ragged clothing. He knows nothing about ‘social security’ and like the thousand others goes to be hungry!

This is the story of the livelihoods in my community… a situation that needs urgent remedy, especially now that the poor are even poorer as a result of the damage caused by Ebola. And our women…hmm, our women, are the most vulnerable and the majority in the farms and gardens.

Fortunately…now we have something to hope for…something we can hold and take ownership! For so many years the people in our community have dreamt of this day….this DAY when the poor will have something to hope for, something they can be proud of being sons and daughters of the community….something they can feel.

En Popay Ernest don do am egain! Nor sidon en long face, dis na tem for smile: because now we have the National Social Protection Strategy and Implementation Plan.

Our poor people now have something they have a right to challenge and the President, knowing the importance of social security is pushing processes and in his keynote address during the launching of the plan committed his service to the grassroots.

But some go wan ask…..watin na de poverty line?

This is very important because so many projects have been introduced, launched and commissions established but the poor continue to linger in the very places they are without changes in their predicament. The stories in our community are everywhere of how people in affluence positions pilfer monies meant to salvage the poor.

We nor go wan dat….Government should therefore ensure stringent monitoring for successful application of the plan for a better and peaceful Sierra Leone….

But dem homeless pekin dem dae o……..!!

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