In my Community : my story

By Alpha Bedoh Kamara

The wrath of Ebola on my people will ever haunt our history books. Our children’s children, and the ugly ones and beautiful ones who will be grazing this beautiful land of ours will be shocked as they read the story. The story of their ancestors, a story painted with tears on the tech materials they will be using, not the papers we are using now, but Ipadicles (sic)…blitz academia!
One of the many stories that will be making them cry or giggle…perhaps, just bemused, and might be this one…and the authorities are begging, imploring….coercing us to allow our children to be immunize!
The World Immunization Week, held from 24-30 April 2015, is targeting millions of children to eliminating measles, rubella and tetanus.
But aee!!! Dem fambul dae fraid Ebola!!
The rampage Ebola has caused in my community is still rumbling in our kitchens, even the teachers who were notorious ‘AWOL’ moguls were tired of the indefinite sit-at-home…de extra lesson money be don loss!
“How ba, dis na punishment o,” a teacher of one of the schools in Freetown lamented during a conversation with a friend.
But the Government was paying teachers’ salaries despite the drop in national revenue but the ‘jebu jebu’ money be done sweet dem! And so their once habit of skipping regular classes for cash in-the-hand money became one of the many victims of Ebola.
Schools have now reopened and our teachers are now in school and as usual, will be teaching, teaching, teaching us the theories of survival and how we can manipulate the forces of nature to be super-humans!!
But survival in the world is always a matter of outsmarting the opponent and that is what is being done to outwit measles, rubella and tetanus, three fiends threatening the survival of mankind.
“We all dae fraid because of Ebola….but again, measles, rubella and tetanus also dae damage motal man o,” someone argues in support of letting out kids for immunization.
Tetanus is called the “silent killer” as many newborns and mothers affected by the disease die at home, and neither the birth nor the death are reported or registered.
Intriguing!! And our teachers should know this and talk to the parents that children must be allowed to be immunized. Our teachers should now strive to influence parents in our community and be pacesetters in championing the cause.
Sometimes in 2014 when Ebola was in mid-field and severely subjecting our national health defence system into submission, the head of a kindergarten school in our community desperately challenged a senior human rights individual that Ebola isn’t real.

President Koroma administering a dose to a child

President Koroma administering a dose to a child

“Bo nar fake, nar politics!” she said sarcastically.
But again…used to such tantrums, the human rights individual strenuously explain to her the dangers of Ebola and how she could use her position to save the kids in her care.
This is the position in our community…and amidst the denial and conspiracy theories, thousands of our brothers and sisters died, some out of ignorance and the others because they refused to believe.
The World Immunization Week, held from 24-30 April 2015, is now targeting millions of children to eliminate measles, rubella and tetanus. The message is clear and we owe our children the obligation to protect them until when they are of age.
“Nor sidon nar ose en keep u pikin. Take am na clinic for maklate!”
We should now learn from the mistakes we made in this Ebola period that caused the high death rate in our community. Now there is another window of opportunity to protect the future leaders of our community. We can do so now by listening to the Ministry of Health and heed to the advices to eliminating measles, rubella and tetanus.

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