September 23, 2021

Karamoh Kabba Commends Selfless British National Helping in Ebola Fight

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The Deputy Minister of Political Affairs, Mr. Karamoh Kabba, on Friday commended British national and volunteer, Tom Stephenson, for his sacrifice and work in helping Sierra Leone contain the spread of Ebola.
Social Workers Sierra Leone on Friday held an occasion at the AWOL Headquarters to thank Mr. Stephenson for his contribution to their work and helping the country in the fight against Ebola.

Kabba commending Stephenson during the occassion
Kabba commending Stephenson during the occassion

“Seven weeks ago I met Stephenson. A young man, European, walked into my office and wanted to help us fight Ebola,” he said, adding “It’s amazing, how can someone come here leaving the luxuries in his country and staying with young people, eating with them, and not even afraid. His help is invaluable and visible, and it takes courage to listen to the news when Ebola was raging”.
“Stephenson is truly and truly a man of courage. We thank you so much,” he noted.
He also addressed Stephenson, “you are the David Livingstone of our days!”
Born in Dover, Stephenson left behind his family and safer community and travelled to Sierra Leone to help in the fight against Ebola; living with local youth volunteers and spending his own money in his desperation to help the people of Sierra Leone.
Explaining to SPECIMEN his reason for daring the terrains of Sierra Leone when foreigners were fleeing the land, he said he read about the work being carried out by the local volunteer organization, Social Workers Sierra Leone, and decided to join them in the fight against Ebola.
“I informed my family and I discussed the issue with them though they were worried; but they game me their support,” he said.
Born in a family of volunteers, Stephenson’s mother was a teacher and his father a mental health nurse, who imbibed in him the spirit of care and concern for those in need of support.
He said social work is about supporting other people to help themselves. He also said the problem of social work in the country is not money but rather the system is not in place.
“It’s been an amazing experience with me. Sierra Leone needs guys like Hassan,” he noted, adding that there are lots of misconception in the West about Africa, especially West Africa. Sierra Leone is a great place”.
The Director of Social Workers Sierra Leone, Hassan Koroma, said they were the first to carryout campaigns against the Ebola virus in the Western Area when the first case was reported in Guinea.
“We champion the cause with other partners,” he said.

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