On their way come our new busses

About 100 new busses are on their way for public transport utility in Government’s efforts to address the transport needs of people in the country, most especially in Freetown.
The lack of a sustainable and effective public transport system in the city has created the space for private owners of commercial vehicles to take advantage of the people and thus negatively influencing the prices of consumer goods due to the cost of transport fare.
The ugly situation surrounding the dispensation of Poda Podas and taxis in Freetown has created a worrying situation for the Government and society while poor and unemployed people are the worst hit.
The argument has always being ‘where are the Government vehicles?”
Previous governments and the present administration of the APC have procured vehicles to address the challenges faced by the public but unfortunately the vehicles disappeared without even the trace of a spare part.
But now that a total of 100 busses are on their way to Sierra Leone means modalities should now be put in place for independent Committee to look at how, after the vehicles have arrived in Sierra Leone, those given the responsibility to manage them are monitored.
It is also important for the Public Service Commission to look at the management and implementation of public service utilities, especially those charged with the responsibility of overseeing the running of the new busses.
The people of Sierra Leone should no longer allow few individuals to deny them such critical services but should complement Government’s efforts in ensuring their protection for sustainability in public transport service.
But the support from the people to ensure the busses are monitored will rely on the response of the Ministry of Transport and Aviation when cases of mishandling of the busses are reported to the authorities.
When action is taken and those found culpable are brought to book the people will take ownership of the busses and will ensure their protection for sustainability.
Busses and mini-vans have been procured over the years but they disappeared without clue of there whereabouts. But that should no longer be made to plunge these new busses!

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