Sixty-Five (65) Cuban Medical Ebola Fighters Bids Farewell to MOHS

Freetown, Mar. 30, 015 (MOHS) – Deputy Health and Sanitation Minister 1, Mr. Foday Sawi has commended 65 Cuban Medical professionals for their great sacrifice in supporting the fight against the Ebola Virus disease in the country.


Cross section of Cuban Medical Team

Addressing the team on behalf of the Minister of Health and Sanitation at the Farewell ceremony held at Hotel Mariam, Aberdeen in Freetown, Mr. Sawi described the event as an important occasion that demonstrates the mutual bilateral relationship between the two countries.

He reiterated that the occasion also depicts the solidarity and appreciation of the government of Sierra Leone to the President and Government and people of Cuba for the great support at the time they needed them. Mr. Sawi noted the long standing relationship since the 70s, describing it as and it as historic and memorable.

He reminded his audience about the response of the Cuban government to the clarion call of President Koroma to support the fight against the Ebola outbreak by sending 164 Cuban Medics that were deployed in various facilities in the country.

The WHO Representative, Anshu Banerjee described the Cubans support in offering services across the country as a major step that allows other countries to come forward and contribute in the fight.

Their last six months stay of 165 Cubans Medics in Sierra Leone in the fight to contain the Ebola disease he said was tremendous and commended them for their great contribution to the country.

Cuban Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Jorge Lefebre Nicolas noted the pressure under which the country find itself during the Ebola outbreak and departure of the Cuban team from their families to join the Ebola fight, hoping that the long standing cordial relationship will continue to grow from strength to strength.

Distribution of Certificates of Appreciation and Merit formed high point of the ceremony.


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