Sierra Leone Police warns the general public about the consequences of disturbing public peace and order

Public Notice

Police headquarters wishes to announce for the information of the general public that certain
organizations, companies, associations or clubs are holding gatherings/meetings without due approval from the Police contrary to the Public Order Act No. 46 of 1965 and the Public Emergency regulations 2014.

Similarly, some Sierra Leoneans outside the country are using the social media to incite other Sierra Leoneans living in the country to come out in large numbers and take the law into their hands. All law- abiding citizens are warned not to pay heed to such incitements as they have the potential to cause chaos, loss of lives and properties in the country.

Persons who may fall victim of such ill-motivated plans would have themselves to blame.

Some Lawyers demonstrating in Freetown

Some Lawyers demonstrating in Freetown

Police Headquarters wishes to inform all law-abiding citizens that any meeting consisting of ten or more persons should have the permission of the police at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the holding of such meeting (.) This is to enable the Police to plan the allocation of manpower to police such meetings considering their numerous responsibilities to provide security should anything go wrong.
Organizations, companies, associations, clubs and persons convening meetings without due
authorization commit an offence and would also be held responsible for any breaches of the public peace committed by any person or persons as a result of such meetings .

All ebola related meetings should have the concurrence of both the Police and the National Ebola Response Centre (NERC).  In processing such applications, applicants would be required to state the purpose, venue and time as well as the agenda of the proposed meeting.

Police Headquarters wishes to remind all persons that they need to be law-abiding at all times as they would put their own rights at risk by violating any provision of the law .

Police Headquarters wishes to encourage all peaceful citizens to go about their lawful business as their security is fully guaranteed. You have been warned!
Francis Alieu Munu
Inspector General of Police

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