September 26, 2021

Pipeborne Water Shortage in Kailahun

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By Joseph S. Margai

With millions of Leones spent in the construction of the new water facility in Kpandebu in Kailahun District for sustainable pipeborne water supply to the township, residents claimed they are presently facing the worst water shortage.

The water facility
The water facility

Residents say they get water supply once every fortnight while some claimed it can take a month before they get water supply and that the colour of the water is different from other well treated and pure drinking water that they used to drink.

A resident of Kailahun town, Alhaji Kanneh, said the water supply is a major problem in the township, adding that the people can go for a month without getting supply from the dam.

“The water colour is always different because no water can pass through the metal pipes for a period of one month and by the time there is water supply the pipes are already corroded,” he noted.

He alleged that the dam operators can only supply water to Kailahun town effectively when there is a government minister in the township or prominent personalities, noting that they get water from water wells and streams around them but at the period of the dry season water from the dam is scarce.

Water level low
Water level low

The security officer at the water dam, Nabbieu Borbor, who was the only person on duty, said they recently supplied water to the Kailahun Township three days prior to the time the press went to the site of the dam.

He said it takes three days to process the water and went further to say the colour of the water is not different from other pure drinking water. He added that in processing the water before dissemination to the public, they use chemicals such as alum, lime, chlorine, ferric etc, and that these chemicals make the water very pure for human consumption.

He said the machines are in good working order and that there is a standby generator to process and supply water to the community. He noted that the fuel for the machines to supply the water is a major challenge.

At the Kayah Stream, which is about half a mile to the dam, the security officer Baimba Swarray said the water level is so low that they had to bank the stream for more water.

He denied allegations made by the resident that the dam supplied water once a month.

Efforts were made to contact the Water Engineer in-charge of the Kailahun dam but all efforts proved futile as many phone calls were made but he did not pick up.


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