September 22, 2021

NATCOM Boss May Meet SMART Soon

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The National Telecommunications Commission boss, Mr. Momoh Conteh, may soon meet with the management of SMART on the issue of providing better GSM services in the country.

By Alpha B. Kamara

National Telecommunication Commission Chairman: Momoh Conteh
National Telecommunication Commission Chairman: Momoh Conteh

The proposed meeting with SMART and also SIERRATEL is for the two companies to sign an MOU with NATCOM for the purpose of improving their service delivery in the country.

“NATCOM is well equipped to monitor all the networks to ensure the companies operate within the accepted international standards,” Conteh said recently.

This development comes amidst claims that SMART isn’t paying salaries and struggling to improve their services, to which, the Chief Executive Officer of the GSM Company of SMART, John Weir, said the company is in Sierra Leone to stay and provide better network and affordable services to the nation.

“We are finalizing the situation to ensure we get the best quality network,” he said, adding that ZTE, the company contracted to do the work, left the country because of the Ebola crises.

He said they would have been in the provinces by now but because of the unfavourable climate and access to roads they were unable to extend their operations outside of Freetown.

“If we don’t expand our coverage to the provinces we will not compete with others,” he noted.

The Chief Commercial Officer, Rebecca Mckitterick, said SMART has no problems with payment of salaries and that all payments are made through the bank.

“We don’t have financial constraints and we are working to provide better and affordable coverage in the country,” she said.

She said the present executive has so many years of experience in the GSM Company and that if others can survive the challenges, they too can.

Weir however disclosed that the previous management did not proved well and that things did not went right.

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