July 28, 2021

Kono District Council Chairman and Others Frown Over VP’s Expulsion from APC

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The Chairman of the Kono District Council, Richard Abdulrahman Koninga, and the Mayor of Koidu New Sembehun City Council, Saa Emerson Lamina, in a joint press statement in reaction to the expulsion of the VP from the APC party has urged the APC to go back to the drawing board.


“We the councilors (undersigned) of the Kono District Council and the Koidu New Sembehun City Council (including District Council Chairman and H.M. the Mayor) would like to express our dismay and dissatisfaction over the expulsion of Chief Sam-Sumana from the APC,” the press release states.

“Being an empirical fact that the very action is unconstitutional and the grounds, baseless, unfounded and deficient of any substance, we condemn it outright. We believe that Article 8.1 (iv) of the 1995 Constitution makes provision for fair hearing by individuals in all matters that regarding discipline; and as stipulated in article 8 (I, the party has to consider during it appeal period,” it continued.

“Whereas we do not (and cannot) subscribe to the very unconstitutional and undemocratic decision, we would like to implore the nine-man Committee of the all peoples congress (APC) party to see reason and go back to the drawing board”.

The Vice President, Alhaji Samuel Sam-Sumana, fled his IMATT residence after a sudden change of body guards deployed to guide his residence in the eraly hours of Saturday.

A source in Government said the decision to change body guards is normal routine though others are with the opinion that being the head of the Police Council, the VP was supposed to have been informed before the security personnel were deployed.

Sierra Leone’s Vice President, Sam-Sumana, was expelled from the ruling party on Friday. According to a press release by the APC, signed by the National Secretary General, Ambassador Alhaji Osman Foday Yansaneh, after receiving spates of complaints about indiscipline and anti-party activities perpetuated by certain members, including the vice president, an investigation committee was set up on November 13, 2014 by the National Advisory Committee (NAC), the second highest organ in the party structure.

“Over a period of three months, the Committee extensively interviewed and also received audio-visual evidence from complainants, accused and witnesses to back up the process. Following the submission of the report of the investigating Committee to the NAC, the National Advisory Committee on March 6, 2015 convened a meeting to discuss the report”.

The NAC, according to the press release, unanimously decided to expel the vice president from the party pursuant to Article 8 of the 1995 Constitution of the party for anti-party activity, fermenting violence, deceit, false statement amounting to fraud, inciting hate, threatening the personal security of key party functionaries, flouting of rulings and decisions of the party, carrying out anti-party propaganda, and engaging in activities inconsistent with the achievements of the party’s objectives.

However, according to legal luminary, Alieu Iscandari, there was a lack of due process.

He said article 8 of the 5th December 1995 Constitution of the APC party, address the discipline of members of the party and that ‘Subsection 8.1.2 (iv) states in pertinent part: Every member shall have the right to a fair hearing in all matters that affect him with regards to discipline.

“It is my understanding that Sam-Sumana was not present at the last meeting of the NAC of the APC and that his absence was due to the fact that he was on a self-imposed quarantine,” he said.

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