October 24, 2021

Vice President Fled IMATT Residence

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Alhaji Abubakarr Sidique Sam-Sumana
Alhaji Abubakarr Sidique Sam-Sumana

The Vice President, Alhaji Abubakarr Sidique Sam-Sumana , has fled for refuge to the US Embassy after a sudden change of body guards deployed to guide his residence.

The VP was reported to have fled his residence in the early hours of Saturday.

It is not yet known what prompted the VP to resort to such an action but sources say he wasn’t sure of his safety and thus the decision to leave.

A source in Government said the decision to change body guards is normal routine though others are with the opinion that being the head of the Police Council, the VP was supposed to have been informed before the security personnel were deployed.

The VP’s Murray Town residence was also reported to have also had a change of body guards on the same day.

The president, Dr, ernest Bai Koroma, is in the Northern Town of Kambia, Kambia District on official duty.

The Vice President has described allegations against him contained in a last Friday ruling by his party’s National Advisory Council (NAC) to expel him from the All Peoples Congress (APC) as false and deliberately propagated by his detractors “to widen the wedge between me and my boss”.

President Koroma and VP Sam Sumana flanked by Chinese military personnel in Freetown
President Koroma and VP Sam Sumana flanked by Chinese military personnel in Freetown

Speaking from his quarantine  following the death of one his bodyguards to Ebola, the vice president told the ‘Good Morning Salone’ programme on Radio Democracy FM 98.1 that he was investigated by a panel for an allegation made against him by the Deputy Minister of Political and Public Affairs, Karamoh Kabba, of a plot to kill him, stating that he was yet to receive any letter concerning the recent decision taken by NAC to expel him from the party.

“Indeed the President, as Chairman and Leader of the party, instituted an investigation panel but the report that came out was based on my educational merit, religion, violence and anti-party activities,” explained VP Sam-Sumana. “The issue about education is that I don’t have a Master’s degree, which according to them, I said I had obtained… But during the 2007 and 2012 general elections when the President graciously appointed me as his running-mate, on both occasions I said I have a Bachelor’s degree, which was clearly written on my nomination forms.

“There is nothing like a Master’s degree as being purported. I want the general public to know that all allegations against me are completely wrong and baseless. I attended the Alma Metropolitan State University in Minnesota and I am one of the notable alumni of that university.”

According to the VP, there are people within the party that are bent on creating problems between him and the president “at such a critical time like this when we are fighting the Ebola”.

 “Since I became vice president in 2007, I have proved to this nation that I am a peaceful person. I see no reason why I should be accused of violence in Kono or any other part of the country,” said the VP. “When there was a strike action against Koidu Holdings in Kono, I intervened to resolve the matter.”

Alhaji Sam-Sumana reiterated his loyalty to the party and his boss the president. “I was born APC, and will die APC. To say I am forming a new political party is a complete fabrication,” he said.

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